Stop Rust PERMANENTLY with Por-15!
The Ultimate Rust Repair
Paint Over Rust with Por-15
POR-15 is a paint-like substance which acts as a total rust inhibitor and is also very effective as a metal filler. It's consistency is approximately that of paint and it has very good spreadability (one quart covers 96 square feet).

POR-15 chemically bonds to rusted steel to form a rock-hard, non-porous coating that won't crack chip, or peel. It works by isolating metal from moisture. Without moisture present, steel can't rust.

Thin, covering coats are best; POR-15 will accept all paints, including lacquer-based paints.

POR-15 works great as a concrete sealer and is impervious to fuels, battery acid, oils, etc., and when applied to concrete floors in shops or factories permits quick and easy clean up.

BLACK - used on frames, floorboards, under fenders, engine compartments, truck areas.
GRAY - used for marine and industrial applications, also excellent on concrete.
SILVER - contains metal filler and should be used on badly rusted steel to fill small holes and add strength to the metal.
CLEAR - dries to a perfect satin gloss, and is used on exterior surfaces before final painting and is excellent for "touch up" applications and may be used in all other areas as well.
SEMI-GLOSS BLACK - perfect for areas that demand factory original semi-gloss black such as frames, chassis, firewalls, inner fenders, suspension and body undersides

Hardnose Paint
Check out our new super-tough "Hardnose" paints.
These beautiful, two-component coatings are stronger than any color paints you have ever tried. The long-lasting brilliant colors will look terrific wherever you use them, and will withstand incredible abuse. You'll be amazed and delighted at how well Hardnose paints hold up under conditions that would quickly destroy ordinary finishes.

Hardnose paints are two-component finishes, with long "pot-life", so they're very easy and convenient to use.

Use Hardnose paints on your garage floor, and you'll have a beautiful finish that will never chip, crack, or peel. Put Hardnose on your tractor, wheel barrow, or bulldozer ... anything that needs tough paint.

Hardnose paints are also excellent for industrial applications. Use our safety yellow or orange colors on floors, machinery guards, or heavy equipment, and then stand back and marvel at how long they last under abuse.

Put Hardnose Paints on the chassis of your car, truck, or motorcycle, and quit worrying about stone chips and gravel roads. You'll be amazed at the toughness.

Blue * Gray * Green * Orange * Red * Yellow
Super-tough Clear Coat
Add tough, incredibly 'deep' clear luster to most any surface with all-new Pelucid. Pelucid. is super clear, super glossy, and unbelievably tough! Use it on painted or unpainted steel, fiberglass, wood, and many other surfaces that need a clear luster finish. This tough yet flexible coating dries to a clear-as-water, rock-hard finish that won't crack, chip, peel, or yellow in sunlight, and is actually strengthened by exposure to moisture, rather than weakened like most coatings.